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Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at July 30th, 2008 (11:36 pm)

Mick stopped his swirling and twirling down the hallway and fell against the narrow wall decorated in rococo-chic.  A sneeze exploded loudly from his narrow body and Mick slumped to the floor.

He made his way up to his hands and knees and crawled.  He had decided that he wanted some more pot.  The smoke'd make him warm--clearly the only reason for his sneezing.  He was cold. 

Mick continued crawling on the floor--the only way to travel in Redlands--down the hallway.  He tread over the wolf fur rugs and rested his banged up palms and knees momentarily.  He rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling.  He knew he was largely to blame for the party's failings but that didn't mean he couldn't somehow find a way to make things right.

A lightbulb flickered in the singer's head--he could always find The Beatles and bring them to the living room.  Mick rose to his feet and continued down the hallway until he came to a door.

"I pick this one," he said to himself, punctuating his sentence with another sneeze.

He pushed it open and peered inside.