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@ Micky
by Paul McCartney (bluesuit_macca)
at July 31st, 2008 (02:12 pm)

"Aye? A what?" Paul pulled back on his hands using Mick as a means to get himself up off the bed from his lying position. However, he stopped shortly as he saw Mick's eyes travel downwards, his crotch now no longer safely beneath him against the safety of the bed, but rather facing Mick in all it's purple-pant-clad glory. 

Paul feverishly blushed and tried to tug his hands away from Mick, giving him a dirty look.

"You judging me, then?" He snapped in his half-dazed state, glaring. However the glare directed at Mick didn't last long; as Paul tugged his hands away from the singer he caught him off guard, sending his balance off and Mick toppling into his lap, sending his own form crashing back into the bed.

Paul found himself - and his hands - trapped underneath the giggling and wirey frame of the stones member, and if that wasn't enough on his pot-muddled brain, he felt his collar get deliriously tight around his neck again and his cheeks flush in both anger and embarassment.