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@ Oh Micky
by Paul McCartney (bluesuit_macca)
at July 31st, 2008 (02:31 pm)

Paul felt for sure that he had been the one trapped - not Mick - but blinking his eyes a few times in an effort to clear his head made him realise that he himself was pressed against the Stones singer. 

And his problem still hadn't gone away.

As Mick wriggled beneath him in an effort to make him move, Paul struggled again to find where his mind had drifted off to. So it was another few moments before he finally answered the singer.

"Pot? Oh yeah, d'you want some?" His brow furrowed for a moment before he lifted himself slightly off Mick, reaching into the pocket of his jacket. He produced his last roll - and a good one at that.

"I don't have a light, sorry mate."

It still hadn't become obvious to Paul that he had made no move to get off the singer, or to move them away from John. He was trying to answer Mick first as his brain had decided to only let him do one thing at a time.