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@ Mickley McMickers
by Paul McCartney (bluesuit_macca)
at July 31st, 2008 (02:49 pm)

"I know you can't eat it!" Paul snapped back at Mick, suddenly becoming annoyed by his wriggling and his insistant whines that John was staring at him.  Why would John be staring? John didn't do things like that, did he?


Mick did have a point. There were no matches here.

"Fine, c'mon then." Paul went into the motion of getting off (he had an internal giggle at that) the singer, however Mick had decided right there and then that he should point out that Paul was still - er - tight down below. 

Fuck. Why hadn't that gone away yet?

Blushing, he quickened his movement and pushed himself back into a standing position, wobbling a little before making a slight turn away from Mick, hiding his front.

"S'not like you've never seen one before, y'tosser." Another snap back at him, Paul crossed his arms knowing full well that his insult was little above what he could've made up at age 12. It didn't matter though.