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Mister Brian Jones. [userpic]
@ keef, anita, & mick
by Mister Brian Jones. (bleachdsunjones)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:42 pm)

Brian had been sitting in the hallway near Keith's bedroom for quite sometime now, so silently that no one had noticed him. Had someone asked him what he'd been doing, he wouldn't have been able to tell them. He'd only have been able to vaguely say that he'd been exploring his mind, which was something he seemed to do a lot nowadays, most of the time against his will. Drugs. They did that to you.

At that very moment he was examining his nails and pondering on what had just unfolded before his eyes: an unclothed Keith and a scantily-clad Anita had just disappeared into Keith's bedroom; Brian had been about to freak about this when an equally un-clad Mick had appeared at the doorway of said bedroom, said something, then flitted into the room himself. Oh, and of course he'd whined a bit before. Was that all Mick did? Whine? Didn't it get boring? How could you live---

Brian yanked his thoughts back from running around his head like they had been planning to, and got to his feet.

He padded quietly to the doorway of Keith's bedroom and peeked in. Keith, Anita and Mick were all sitting on the bed together. Anita and Keith were under a blanket. Under a blanket?! Brian's blue eyes widened. Wait. Mick and Anita were sitting next to each other?! 
And they hadn't killed each other yet? Brian totally forgot that his girlfriend and best mate were huddled under a blanket together (in various states of undress) because Anita and Mick were SITTING NEXT TO EACH OTHER AND WEREN'T CLAWING AT EACH OTHER'S THROATS. Brian gaped. And gaped. And gaped some more.

And then picked his jaw up off the floor and smiled at the trio. "Hi."

by drwinstonboogie (drwinstonboogie)
at May 1st, 2008 (06:37 pm)

 ( srsly, real life needs to die. Sorry all.)

Paul and John darted up the stairs, giggling like schoolgirls, hanging onto each other's shoulders, stealing little kisses along the way. John felt good, HAPPY.....God, ECSTATIC that it was Paul and him again. Him&Paul. Joined at the hip like the good ol' days.  Fighting with his partner, his soulmate, hurt far too much for John to admit, so for them to be hot for each other and sneaking around again felt so fantastic that John was already feeling the familiar and welcome tightening of his pants in the crotch area.

Diving into one of the empty rooms and pulling Paul in with him, John quickly discarded his shirt and jumped onto the bed like a little child, grinning up cheekily at Paul. "Come 'ead, m'love", he purred, grabbing for Paul to follow, "I want it to be just us again. Sod th' others, sod Yoko, YOU'RE what I need."

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:36 pm)

Anita grinned at him as he burst out the name of it. He was like a child.

"Shiny, hmm? Mebbe he's made of glass," she suggested, trying to keep the conversation going, until Keith planted his face in the carpet.

She sighed again, plucking at his greasy hair.

"What's the matter, Keef?" Anita asked, tilting her head. She knew exactly what was the matter-he was insecure about everything he said.


Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:34 pm)

“Tutti Fruitti,” he blurted louder than he intended. Quickly, he caught himself, gathering more blanket around his shoulders like a tightly knit net, “The name of the song is Tutti Fruitti. By Lil’ Richard, you know? Shiny black guy, s’got shiny hair an’ shoes, just…shiny. That’s the only word,” he shrugged, satisfied with his description of the energetic entertainer.

Anita was lying. To make Mick go away. Keith glanced over. He didn’t want Mick to leave…but he didn’t want for he and Anita to argue over something stupid; or rather, it’d be Mick throwing a fit and Anita accusing Mick of being ridiculous, as was usually the case. But still. Keith hunkered down again, glancing at Mick pitifully.

“Is Ringo contagious or something?” again with the outspoken comments. Keith clamped his mouth with both hands this time and lowered himself to the carpet, burying his face in the sheer plush.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
@duo, mostly Anita
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:28 pm)

Mick unearthed himself from the blankets and walked over to the duo.

"Oh, joy!" he enthralled, plopping himself right next to Anita.

He beamed up at her, a smile made completely of plastic.  A big, straight matte of gleaming white teeth stared right at her.

"Tutti Frutti," he said with a beam. "Keith adores it.  So what were you guys talking about?"

He turned up the wattage on his faux-smile to the blonde.  It didn't hurt to come off as the better person here.  Even though he had already surrendered that right ages ago.  He could at least pretend now.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
@Mick and Keith
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:24 pm)

She had to play it cool. SHe had to play it cool. Mick was Keith's best mate, and despite how much she loathed having to deal with his petty childishness, she had to tolerate it.

"Fine. Keith and I are just chatting," she said coldly, pursing her lips, "hoping to catch up on some personal matters." She was just bullshitting now, but maybe it would deter Mick.

She patted Keith's knee sympathetically at his nervous glance, and tried to break his tension. "What's the name of this song, again?"

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:19 pm)

What was one small step for any normal man became an awkward, almost backwards stumble for Keith as he jumbled one foot over the other to tumble toward the record player, courtesy of Anita’s helping hand. Avoiding planting his face in a book shelf by inches, Keith instead found himself immersed in the pile of records he kept in a special bed-side collection, all his favourite-favourites stayed in this room, specially for the miniature turntable that sat buried under other artifacts.

Daintily he plucked out the Little Richard 45, blew on it to expel any dust, and carefully, CAREFULLY began to lower it to the record player, geeeennttllyyy sliding it into place, nearly splitting the flimsy disk in two when a pillow was propelled against his back. He gasped in surprise and brief anger, shooting a petulant glare over his shoulder until he realized – Anita. He feigned a smile, nodding and grinning with vaguely discoloured teeth.

He resumed his careful ritual, holding his breath until Little Richard deflated his lungs on the first nonsense syllable. Satisfied, Keith plunked down beside the cozy blonde and beamed proudly at her, arms and legs folded.

His meditative pride was broken when the contrasting sight of an ailing Mick lingered in the doorway. Keith bit his barely there lip and glanced nervously to Anita, suddenly feeling the inclination to cover up and shrink into himself.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
@Marianne and then Keithnita
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:07 pm)

Mick stuck his tongue out again and slid off of the couch. He landed in a lump on the floor and began crawling away. Under the blanket, he gave the appearance of a slithering slug, slowly slinking its way out of the room.

"I have to piss," he explained. "I'll be back."

He really had no intention nor inclination to piss. He didn't want to be babied right now, even though he usually adored being fussed with when he was ill. Unfortunately, he wasn't ill and he didn't want to be treated as such. So he slunk away towards nowhere in particular. He considered finding John again but he had missed his chance with The Beatle and George and Ringo were occupied with each other. Brian was who knows where and, besides, he wouldn't want to spend time with Brian anyway.

So he slunk away with his pretense of taking a piss. Instead, he followed the faint sound of music and slunk into Keith's room.

"I'm not here to fuck things up this time!" he proclaimed from under his blankets. "I'm just hiding from Marianne 'cos she thinks I'm sick."

Mick let out an explosive sneeze that nearly sent him reeling.

"Isn't that ridiculous?"

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:05 pm)

That's the ticket! Anita swung her arm just as roughly as Keith did, prancing a bit to follow him inside. She let loose his hand and tenderly shoved his back.

"Go, go put it in. Ah will get blankets and pillows," she told, lips peeling back to reveal her large not-rottingoutBritish teeth. She plucked a throw blanket, some old matted fur pelt, and what looked like a fleece blanket and tossed them over her shoulder. Pillows, on the other hand, she merely flung towards Keith, laughing loudly and skipping back over to where he was fiddling with the record.

The fur blanket was warmest, and she slid to Keith's front and pulled it over his shoulders, beaming up at him as if she were awarding him some sort of medal. She wrapped the fleece one around her own body, and watched silently as he placed the record on its player.

@Sir Grumpy Face
by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:01 pm)

Marianne resisted the urge to yank on the tongue and shook her head. Anything else would sent him into a dither and they would be fighting. "Fine. Go freeze off your nipples if you want." She said with a huff. She wasn't going to freeze hers off. Marianne headed upstairs, intend on finding that rug. It'd been too warm earlier--and now she needed it. She searched, finding it in Keith's bedroom, of all places. Marianne let the guazy piece fall down, and then wrapped herself in the rug.

At least she wasn't being a sour puss. She headed back downstairs and sat on the couch, tucking her legs underneath her. "I could've gotten you something too, but oh no. You weren't being nice. Which, shouldn't be surprising."

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (07:01 pm)

Just as suddenly as everything else in Keith’s life was (most easily recognized in his driving habits, if not the way he skidded at the front of his door, but alas) he brightened up again, chocolate eyes widening and glistening with sheer glee. His smile stretched a mile wide and broke only to carry the same notes as Anita had attempted to conjure from the back of her brain.

“‘COURSE I’ve got that record!” he shrieked, swinging his arm exaggeratedly so that he might have ripped off Anita’s own appendage had she not been so…strong. She was different from other women. She could hold her own. Keith rather suspected that she had to, that is, had to be defensive – and offensive – enough to take on Brian in the bad times, to be able to push back with equal force. That was Newton’s third law. Keith recalled the snippets of Physics that were still fresh in his mind; the only class he ever, surprisingly, excelled in if only by fate so that he may have been able to relate those silly formulas to his friends.

He shook his head, he removed the last shivers of frost and opened the already open door, stumbling forward a bit.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
@Maid Marian
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at May 1st, 2008 (06:58 pm)

Mick kicked his legs up and down petulantly. "Just goooo.  I'll be fiiiine.  'Cause I'm naaaaaaht siiiick."

He pouted and wrapped the blanket tightly around his narrow frame.

"I'm just cooooold."

The brunette pulled the blanket up over his head so only his face could be seen, probably making him look like a small child.  He stuck his tongue out.

"Just gooo!"

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (06:49 pm)

Keith was terrified, and she could tell. Anita hadn't succeeded in making him grow up, yet. She squeeze his hand reassuringly, and tried to hum the tune to that 'Boom bop a woo bop a wop bam boom' song or whatever it was that always cheered him up.

He must have some sort of little-boy crush on her. Not that her feeling weren't returned, but Anita thought it was rather juvenile for him to be so nervous around her. She needed something to break the silence.

"You have a record player in your room, yeah? Ah forgot how that song goes," she told plainly, looking up and smiling kindly, "We can play it." The door was already open to his bedroom, and she tilted her head wondering if she should go first. It was his room, after all.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (06:36 pm)

Keith was one giant bag of nerves and jitters and chills, he chewed his lip uncertainly and nodded at a slow rate, feigning understanding. He didn’t understand. She did, he didn’t. Keith’s cognitive logic was spewed halfway across the room now and he couldn’t be bothered to regain his head just yet. Instead, he wordlessly complied and re-obtained height, standing up straight and inflating his lungs with all the confidence he could muster: it wasn’t enough.

Wordlessly, the gawky, chilly, nervous, immature, confused little boy repositioned himself so that now only their wrists barely touched, his palm cautiously cradling hers, barely able to even encompass it. This was the way he intended to lead her upstairs. As platonically and lacking in emotion as possible, despite that as he walk he trembled in complete fear.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (06:06 pm)

Anita bit her lip and kept standing. He must've gotten the wrong idea.

"Oh Keef," she sighed, keeping hold of his waist to prevent him from plopping down on the cold, hard floor, "We can sit on the floor in the bedroom and talk about all sorts of things. There's blankets there and it's cozy." She wanted blankets, whether Keith was willing to go into the bedroom or not. The German attempted to look pitiful, and shivered a bit more, curling her toes. Keith was kind and would understand her plight.

His boyish insecurities wouldn't get in the way-would they? She was attracted to him, certainly, but she wasn't foolish enough to go through with anything with Brian and Mick still in the house. Would Keith understand? Did he already know?

Doubtful. He was a silly little boy who needed some guidance to grow up. Anita resolved to help him.

"C'mon," she smiled reassuringly, tugging his hand, "Less warm up, yeah?" She tried leading him to his bedroom.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (06:03 pm)

Laugh he did, immediately at Anita’s impression of a great thinker he pealed into fits of giggles and boyish chortles, choking on his own still-frozen saliva more than once. But suddenly, the rest of his body froze the same way as his spit when she’d uttered the word ‘bedroom’…she didn’t mean that. She was being silly. Just like her mimicry, she was playing a front to make Keith laugh.

But laugh he didn’t.

Instead, Keith looked on stupefied and nervous, his protective grip loosening into a weak, unsure clinch that was more for necessity than anything; she couldn’t have been serious, after all. She loved Brian. Not Keith. She thought Keith was silly, everyone did. He ducked his head down quickly, again.

“We can talk out here,” he mumbled, making as though he were about to sit on the floor, blankets or no. He knew warmth lay in wait for his frigid body, but he also knew that problems lay under those covers, as well.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (05:51 pm)

Anita sighed deeply when they entered the house. Warm and cozy, like some bear den all to their own, despite that other people were there. She tilted her head curiously as he named off places to go and warm themselves.

She pondered for a moment, stroking her chin and crossing her eyes in order to elicit some sort of laughter from Keith-he'd laugh at anything. Silly.

"Your bedroom has blankets," she suggested, cocking a blonde brow and nodding, "und some food to go with our drinks."

Making some sort of subliminal message wasn't her intent, so she winced when she thought of how badly that could've been taken. "And we can sit and talk, of course," she added quickly, bobbing her head in a nod that was blaringly nervous.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (05:48 pm)

And there was the door. Entering inside, or leaving the outside, was like descending underwater: an entirely different climate, a different state of being, an entirely foreign environment, even though this was Keith’s own house. It felt…different. It felt different to step inside with Anita under his arm. He felt like underneath his snowy skin he was boiling, although he credited this to the difference of thirty degrees to seventy degrees, where lukewarm felt like a summer at the shore.

Only then did he remember he was naked, despite being fully aware outside. It wasn’t such a big deal outside because Brian was inside, because everyone was inside…but now everyone included them! Keith and Anita were inside and Keith was naked and clinging protectively and protectedly to her, overappreciating and accepting her gifts of hot chocolate and her apparent understanding of his apparent silliness.

He jerked his head and stared about vacantly, tugging Anita toward the left corridor, “Let’s go warm up by the fi—” not a great plan, for there were Mick and Marianne engaging in their own warming games…or rather, Marianne was trying to initiate some form of heat and Mick was an icy cold block of whining and whimpering, and apparently sniffles, “Let’s…go to the kitchen!” No, that was where George was using his mystic divinity to revive the ailing Ringo, “Let’s…”

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (05:31 pm)

Anita grinned, baring her pearly teeth and plastering her face into his shoulder with laughter.

"I have clothes on! Underclothes and your shirt! You haff nothing," she laughed, this time rubbing his ribs furthest from her with chilled fingertips, "You'll freeze, Keef. Ah don' want that." Anita nodded matter-of-factly and shrugged as he draped an arm over her. She wanted to burrow under it and get warm-now her ears and lips were red with frost, and the wind was blowing her golden hair into her face.

How unpleasant. She wouldn't complain, though. Her will was too strong for that.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (05:26 pm)

Keith observed, unintentionally, when he squirmed and looked down quickly to catch sight of Anita’s lithe hand grabbing a hold of some of the snow white flesh tapered over the bone; he observed the fact that Anita was…cold? Unlike Mick she hadn’t complained.

Quickly he corrected himself, scolded himself for comparing her to the large-lipped (other?) object of his affection. Anita was special. She always was. Similarities to Mick meant nothing. After all, Mick would be helping Keith inside like this, offering him hot chocolate and refraining from, acknowledging his—FUCK.

No attempts of escape were made, and Keith quickly took it upon himself to blanket the chilly German with his own loose blanket of chilled flesh, “Maybe you ought to get clothes, first,” he unintentionally jeered, scrunching his face in a way that one would when squinting at the sun.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
@Keif Erikson the Viking
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (04:55 pm)

His utter happiness and silly smile make Anita beam even more widely. Cherries lit up in her cheeks and nose both from the cold and from smiling so much at him. He was silly.

Anita shrugged as he spoke and leaned further into his side. "Mick's a sissy," she spat, nodding with a slightly puckered bottom lip, "An' ah'm cold. Mebbe we can warm up and get you out with some clothes on." She grinned and tweaked the skin on his bare hipbone once, lassooing him with her other arm to prevent any escape for the coltish Keith.

Her long bare legs were getting chillbumps, and the chilled wind was beginnning to sweep up under her dress of a sweatshirt. Anita shivered.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (04:37 pm)

“Yyyyeeaaaahh,” he drawled out, alternatively clicking his teeth together from chill and sheer embarrassment, either Anita didn’t notice or didn’t care, either way it was slightly comforting to Keith, moreso if she had noticed after all, but wasn’t responding.

He beamed. He outright beamed and practically felt himself flood with warmth and open up to reveal a great, proud beam of sunshine.

He beamed. He beamed at Anita, grinning in such a proud manner with his head craned high atop his wiry neck, his arms grew sturdy again, branches rather than twigs criss-crossed around her body, or where he thought her body may have lied under the enormous pull over, careful not to spill the hot chocolate, the very craftwork of her multitalented, brimming personality. Brimming full, like the mug.

“Is it really that cold out, though? I did last longer than Mick, after all the bluffing he did,” he quietly boasted until he was certain Mick was out of earshot; even though Keith was blessed (or cursed) with overgrown portions of certain auditory anatomy, it was always Mick who caught wind of everyone else’s business, first, or rather, everyone else’s business regarding him.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at May 1st, 2008 (04:22 pm)

Everything about Keith made her laugh- in the good way. Even when he thought he misspoke and clapped his hand to his mouth, she giggled and bit her lip. Silly boy.

"Ah should, shouldn't I! Ah should carry food with me, too," she nodded,beaming back up at the embarassed guitarist.

At least until Mick had to stick his big-lipped face out the door and yell. Anita merely acted like she didn't see him or hear him, and studied Keith with curiosity as his face contorted in what looked like guilt. Oddly, he pulled her closer.

Not that she had a problem with it. She unhooked her arm casually and slipped it around his waist, rubbing his side slowly to warm him up. (Even though she was shivering a bit as well.)

"Silly boy," she muttered, headbutting his shoulder, "Y' cold. We need to get inside and warm you, yeah?"

@ the rather bad patient
by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at May 1st, 2008 (04:11 pm)

Marianne crossed her arms over her rather ample chest and gave him a light glare. Nothing that would provoke a fight, they'd been getting along the last few weeks rather well and she liked it that way. The only time he seemed to give her hell was when she "had been doing acid too much". Hah! You could never do too much acid. And then she would call him square, and it would go on from there. But she'd been good lately. Really good.

"You don't have to be so...hateful about it." She said. "I will. Want me to bring you some clothing?" She asked. She knew he was going to get sick, it just crept up on her knowledgeable.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at May 1st, 2008 (04:04 pm)

Mick glared at her again. "Then go get it."

He was being unreasonable but he was feeling rather miserable.  He leaned back and curled further into the blanket, waiting for her to go.  He was so tired...it was like someone was knocking at his brain.  Not that he was sick.  And the knocking wouldn't stop.  It was pounding his head.  Mick sniffled.  He wasn't getting sick; he didn't get sick.

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at May 1st, 2008 (03:56 pm)

Marianne raised a brow. "Actually, I am." She said. "I wonder where that rug is I left. It's much warmer. This thing...couldn't keep anything warm." She said. "Now that rug on the other hand, was." She glanced at Mick, watching his sneezing fit. "I told you so." She said, and shook her head. "Come on, I'm gonna go find the rug. I think I left it in our room."

She wasn't sure. but, it could be there. Anyway, clothing on Mick wouldn't be a bad thing. He was already starting to get fussy. "Darling, if you put something else on you might feel warmer." Marianne suggested.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at May 1st, 2008 (03:54 pm)

Mick pouted and folded his arms under the blanket.

"I'm not sick," he said indignantly.  This statement was followed by series of explosive sneezes. "Not sick!"

He curled further into the blanket and looked at Marianne reproachfully. "Aren't you cold?"

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at May 1st, 2008 (03:46 pm)

“Did I really?” he pondered aloud in disbelief; well, he must’ve! If Anita found it, then it must have been…there to be found! The logic made sense to him, she smiled dumbly and nodded, the nod taking place in his pace as his strides became long dips with each crunch of the snow matching a bob of his long, purple-pocked neck, “I just figured you had it in your magic bag of everything,” he clamped his mouth shut with the air of his former free hand before he could continue. What a stupid thing to say, even for him!

It was worse when Mick began to shout out the door, his voice abruptly silenced by the heavy winter air, but his lips – like billboards – were clear and easy to read. Keith audibly whined and sunk his shoulders downward. She did have a boyfriend. And he knew it. He’d been fretting about it this entire time! Not a moment went by where he stood near Anita, where he even happened to imagine her, her hair, her mouth...it was a very characteristic mouth, very exaggerated. Like Mick—FUCKER. Keith pounded on his head trying to force away any associations between the two that he may have found attractive. Now he was just being inappropriate.

Instinctively, he cuddled closer to Anita, but catching himself, shrieked and nearly leaped a foot away until he realized he’d’ve pulled her with him, and that wouldn’t have been very nice.

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (11:01 pm)

Marianne took Mick's hand and lead him towards the couch. She forcibly made him sit, then grabbed the afghan which smelled of pot, cigarette smoke and other substances she couldn't identify. The singer cuddled into her boyfriend, wrapping it around him. "What you get for playing outside naked. You know you're going to catch cold now, right?" She asked him. And heavens knew that he wasn't a very pleasant patient. He was worse than Nic. But, at least he didn't cry all night when he was sick, Marianne reflected. Just pouted.

"Sit for a while." Marianne suggested to Mick. "And stay under the covers with me, it should help." She let her hands rub up and down his arms, hoping that it wouldn't turn into anything really serious.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:59 pm)

He shuddered.  The kisses were nice on his blue lips but...he was chilled, it felt, to the bone.  The cold seemed to have imbedded itself inside of him and made him completely and utterly chilled.  It was supremely unpleasant.

He kissed Marianne lightly but his lips felt stiff and cold.

"So cooold," he whined.

Warm you up, you say?
by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:53 pm)

Grinning, she pulled the singer closer to him. "Oh, I can warm you." Marianne wrapped her arms about Mick, nuzzling his neck, and then leaning up to kiss him. She liked the fire that they seemed to have, the passion as well. It singed through her, and well to feel that was very special indeed. Marianne kissed him softly, on the cheek, then the lip.

"Am I getting there yet?"

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:50 pm)

He smirked at her. "What makes you think I want to wear more clothes?"

A shiver worked its way up his still cold body and Mick shuddered.

"Alright...maybe I would," the singer added hastily.

He probably shouldn't have been standing in front of the window, either.  The air was at least five degrees colder.  He shuddered again and pulled Marianne close to his body.

"So cold," he mumbled. "Waaaarm meeee!"

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:40 pm)

Marianne grinned a little, and pressed herself to him. "I can think of a way to get you warm." She purred, her voice dropping octaves and a smile appearing on her face. "If you want." She let her hand race up his chest, then down it. With Mick, this could've had one of two meanings: He wanted to wear her shirt, or he wanted something else.

She was pretty good at guessing what it was, but sometimes he could surprise her.

Leaning towards him, she kissed the singer, nibbling on the full lips. "And if you're good, I'll let you wear that one shirt of mine I 'ave that you love."

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:39 pm)

Mick finally tore his gaze from the window.  What he wanted to do was kick snow in Anita's stupid, smug face.  That, though, was probably not an option.  He wasn't Brian.  He couldn't smack birds around.  Even one that rubbed him so wrongly like Anita did.

Instead, he turned to Marianne with a small smile on his face.  Mick tugged lightly on the little gauzy thing she wore.

"I wanna get warm," he explained.

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:31 pm)

Marianne nodded. "Oh, I know that." She chewed on her bottom lip. "It's just...sometimes I think too much." Truth of the matter, sometimes the drugs made her think about things that she normally didn't, like the episode a moment ago. She knew Nic was fine, and loving to stay with his Grandmum. It made things easier for her. She didn't want him in the circus that her life was like right now, with his Grandmum he'd be perfectly safe and happy. Cherished.

"You're right." The singer said, flipping back blonde hair. "I'm just being overly worried." She nodded.  That, and Marianne felt incrediable guilt for not being there with him during these early years. If only there was some way to make a bridge between both worlds. Maybe someday she'd find that answer. Marianne took Mick's hand. She was glad that they seemed to like each other--Nic liked Mick and vice versa. That made things easier, too. So she wasn't perfect, but who the bleeding fuck was?

"Anyway." Marianne tossed her hair again with her free hand, the other clutching Mick's. "What d'you feel like doing now?"

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:27 pm)

Mick shrugged his narrow shoulders and swiped a finger under his stuffed up nose.  It probably wasn't a cold...just reaction to THE cold.

"I don't see why not," he said easily.

To be honest, Mick didn't mind spending time with Nic.  He liked kids.  It made him feel like one again like he had been just moments ago with Keith.  He treasured the moments he had with his best friend now more than he had in the past.  Mostly due to Anita.  Fucking...European.  Had to ruin everything.  She already palled around with Brian, coming to recording sessions and saying shit.  But did she have to have designs on his best mate?  He glowered.

"'Sides," he continued. "It's not like anything's gonna happen soon, love.  So we have plenty of time between recordings to go and visit him."

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:20 pm)

Marianne pouted at him. "Well then." She said curling up to him, "What're we going to do?" It looked like Anita and Keef would be busy. She didn't know if Anita fancied him or not, the two of them had been so busy that they hadn't had time to do the girly gossip thing as yet. It made her wonder. With Brian acting the way he was anymore, she didn't blame Anita. You had to find happiness where it occured. That's what she did...why she left Jon. She wasn't happy, he was doing herion all the time and becoming someone she couldn't trust.

And now, here she was.

Doing the same thing.

Suddenly guilt flew up inside the pop star. She shook her head. The only time she really did think about all of this was when she was way too high, and the guilt over leaving Nic behind would hit her. Hard. She missed her little boy, she really did. Marianne swallowed. "D'you think when we get back to the city, we can go get Nic for a weekend?" She asked Mick, hoping that he wouldn't mind.

Damn drugs, that was the only bad thing when they reacted like that.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:17 pm)

Mick paused.  Did he in fact trust her?  Could he trust someone who had already slept with two of his mates and easily left her husband?  He loved Marianne, he knew.  He had always fancied her.  And it wasn't like he wasn't...being himself.  Mick tapped his lower lip and shrugged.

"I do," he stated. "But I'm not going to take any.  I don't think that uppers, hash and acid...and chocolate...really mix, love.  'Sides, I've had to take some before and it made me all weird."

He remembered the pills and inhalers he'd experiment with on tour, just to stay up.  It made his body race forward and as though he had to chase it himself.  He was twitching and jumpy.  It wasn't entirely pleasant but it got him through shows.

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (10:03 pm)

Marianne rolled her eyes, and then smiled. "I was in here." She said to Mick. "Sitting down. Like I said, I was cold. Marianne herself wondered about Keith and Anita, if they got together it would cause problems admist the band. She was sure of it. "She knows that, Mick." Marianne reminded. "Anita's a big girl. And Keef is a big boy. Sometimes." The singer said dryly, though she wasn't totally convinced of it.

She gave him a once over. "Oh you took the pills away. Damn it, we could take some of those uppers later. They're fun." She had heard him say he didn't do uppers, but whatever. He'd had acid. "Pills aren't as scary as you think, Michael." She said, letting her fingers dance down his arm. "They're...quite fun." She gave coy grin. "D'you trust me?"

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (09:53 pm)

Mick absently put an arm around her and rubbed her arm furthest from him with his chilled palms.

"No," he said idly. "I told you they were too much and took them away...I'm not a pill-popper, Marian."

He eyed Anita and Keith out there and curled his lip.  Something about her...God, would he hate to be kept in the same room with her for an extended period of time.  He stopped rubbing her arm and instead wrapped them around his still-frozen torso.

"Am not," he sadded petulantly. "...God, what's her problem?  You have a boyfriend!"

He yelled this in vain as he knew Anita probably couldn't hear him.  He turned back to Marianne and blinked at her as if just now fully noticing that she was there.

"Oh, well.  The jacket's not important," he said simply. "Where have you been?"

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 30th, 2008 (08:58 pm)

Marianne looked up at her boyfriend. Oh, bloody hell! Was his mind constantly on Keith? Marianne shrugged lightly and looked slightly put off, someone had been lacking in his boyfriend-ly duties today, hadn't they? She wondered. "I'm not sure where the jacket is." She explained to Mick. "I think clothing was optional today, anyway."

It was hard to stay mad at Mick long, and he knew that. It was always an advantage for the pouty lipped singer, and not her. Especially when he choose to be sweet, and use the nickname. It almost always ended a fight. Seeing him sniffle, Marianne arched a blond eyebrow. "You're going to get sick, playing out there with no clothes on." She warned him.

What pills was he talking about? The ones she had stuck in "just in case"? Marianne tried to think, and couldn't recall. "Did we take them already, Michael?" She asked. "I can't remember. I was too high earlier." She closed her eyes, and rose, the afghan still wrapped around her. It was bitterly cold. "Doesn't Keef have any heat in here?" The blond asked, shivering.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at April 30th, 2008 (05:41 pm)

A wide grin spread across her face-partly at Keith's goofy grin-partly at knowing how much the sight of her linking arms with Keith (him naked;her almost, save for a huge sweater of his and panties) would infuriate Mick. She nodded slowly and stepped daintily through the snow like some ice princess.

"You had milk..and chocolate syrup. An' it was chilly, so ah made it," she explained, squeezing closer to him out of instinct rather than flirtatiousness. It was cold as fuck, but she wouldn't admit it. She simply strode slowly and confidently through the snow.

Anita flashed a grin as white as the snow around them (and Keith's pale, naked body) at him, tugging him along at a faster pace.

Keith Richards [userpic]
@ neetyface
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at April 30th, 2008 (05:31 pm)

When Mick had retreated indoors…and Anita?...his eyes widened, but returned to determination when Mick had slipped indoors, reappearing in the window fully clothed. Good! Fine! GREAT for Keith! After all, he won! Keith won; he held out for the longest outside and made Mick double cross himself and recoil within the house. Ignoring the subprimal urge to shiver, Keith puffed out his sunken chest and smiled proudly (but ceased when he felt the grin might freeze permanently across his jaw).

He shut his eyes and took the moment to absorb his victory, nodding his head and mumbling faint sounds of crowd cheers and swoons and pictured himself a hero – yay Keith! YAY MAYOR KEITH! He practically shouted the exultation himself and tossed his arms above…only for one to be caught by…Anita! He stumbled, nearly dragging the frigid (but not?) woman to the ground where he sat. Er, previously sat. Now he was standing upright, his calves like frozen blocks and his knees scarcely able to bend. And Anita was linking arms with him: instantly he felt warm…but froze again when he realized what Brian would think.

Maybe not now. But when he was…slightly more sensible. Keith still believed he had brighter moments, or at least clearer ones, and just his luck that someone would say ‘hey I saw your girlfriend with Keith, naked!’ And that would be the end. Even before he got to bang her.

Wait – WHAT?

Keith nodded dumbly to whatever she said and finally noticed the cup of hot chocolate…oh! He took the cup in both hands, wriggling his linked elbow to reach.

“Didn’t know I even had this!”

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
@Mickianne and Keith
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at April 30th, 2008 (05:14 pm)

Anita glowered as she was forced back into the kitchen. The German (rryitalian) was not used to being shoved around. (She was used to being slapped by Brian, actually.)

Either way, being forced into the kitchen by Mick was not on her plans. The temptation to reach out and grab his bare groin and indian-burn it was overwhelming, but she knew her bounds. Thus she waited while he was putting on clothes and sipped more hot chocolate. "Want some, dahling?" she mumbled, kicking the stove slightly with her bare foot.

It didn't take long for Mick to prance back in the kitchen, where she scowled at him.

"Ah dunno, Meek. Maybe if you would be a good friend and go and bring him in," she spat, grabbing a second cup of cocoa and striding outside with the air of a queen. Without flinching (mostly to make Mick look foolish), she strode to Keith and held out a cup.

"Come, love. S' cold out here and we can warm each other up and sit by the fire...you have got a fire, haven't you?" she asked, nonchalantly linking an arm with his and taking a step to guide him back outside.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 30th, 2008 (07:02 am)

Mick jumped at Anita's words and whipped his head around to glare at her.  He paused...no, it was the hypothermia that was making him stare at her for more than just a quick glare.  His mind was dull and cold.  He spotted his clothes in a rumpled pile by the door.

Not wanting to think about what his dull mind was making him think, Mick happily shoved Anita back into the kitchen with both hands before scooping his pants and trousers up.  His legs were tingled and numb as he slipped both garments on.  Now his mind had switched frequencies and he was no longer a little boy who didn't want Keith to win.  He was Mick again, no longer Mikey.  He darted from the kitchen into Keith's room and stole one of his t-shirts.  When Mick pulled it over his head, his still freezing nipples showed but he paused...well...Keith's shirts should be used to that by now.  Quicker than quick now, he skipped back into the kitchen.  With a smirk towards Anita, he walked towards the window with Marianne to watch Keith against the trees.

"Oh," he said easily, with only a hint of  shiver and a slight sniffle. "By the way, love.  Have you seen my jacket?  'Cos I think your pills are still in it and I can't find the bleeding thing anyway.  Not like it matters.  I'm just a bit out of it right now.  Just thought I'd bring it out there...where's Keith?  He's not in yet?"

by Maid Marian (broken_marianne)
at April 27th, 2008 (09:06 pm)

Marianne watched as Anita came into the kitchen, then left, probably to go find Brian or something. She mused to herself. She poured herself what Anita had made, some hot chocolate. Watching out the window, at the naked twosome, she shook her head. What were they doing out there completely naked? Mick would catch a cold, and then that's all Marianne would hear about for a week. Not that she wouldn't be sympathetic...but he could be taxing at times.

She took her cup of chocolate and went into the living room. It was nice to have some time to herself, she thought. She snuggled down on the couch, pulling an afghan around her legs. Maybe someone would remember he did have a girlfriend once he got unbusy freezing his ass off outside.

Anita Pallenberg [userpic]
@The two faggots
by Anita Pallenberg (diamondminds)
at April 27th, 2008 (08:51 pm)

Just wandering about Redlands was a terrible bore. At some point, Anita had broken away and slipped into the kitchen. It was an absolute mess. She pursed her lips and washed a few dishes that were piled on the counters so she could actually cook somethi-

Hot chocolate.

Scrumptious. She set to heating it up before she heard ruckus outside. Wiping the fog off of the window, she peeked into the wintry yard.

Mick and Keith, naked as jaybirds.

She giggled to herself and mixed the boiling water and milk and chocolate syrup. Silly boys. They'd catch a cold that way, but they were both too silly to realize it.

She poured three cups of hot cocoa, leaving the extra simmering on the stove, and snuck up behind Mick.

"OI," she called loudly into his ear, "Ah've made some hot cocoa, boys."

She loved harassing Mick, especially by taking Keith's attention to herself.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at April 27th, 2008 (01:24 pm)

Keith stared blankly at first; dumbly, mouth ajar and overflowing with confusion that poured into a puddle in the midday slush. Had he…won? He rubbed an eye cautiously and turned his head to follow the singer. He’d looked…angry? Frustrated? Maybe disappointed? He hadn’t really known nor cared for the moment. Keith just lit up with the prospect of possibly winning for once, today. He felt sunny, he felt invigorated. The numbing sensation turned to a prickly reminder of blossoming life. He wanted to leap u and scream and jolt about in jubilance…but he couldn’t.

Mick wasn’t going in. He was just standing there. It didn’t count if he wasn’t inside! The colourful vivacious spirit dulled and faded back to a colourless, wintery gloom of dismay; Mick wasn’t about to let him win, after all. Before his limbs fell numb again he crossed them tight against his chest and leaned against the back to the tree: fastened there.

Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at April 27th, 2008 (01:16 pm)

 Mick finished rubbing his head and looked around to find Keith had gone.  He shivered mightily and turned to see his pale form near the trees.  The singer's Eros-stolen lips turned down.

"Fine," he said. "I'm sick of this stupid game.  I'm going in!"

He rose and stomped over to the door.  It still lay ajar, probably freezing poor George and Ringo.  He turned his head over his shoulder as he hovered in the doorway to look back at Keith.  He raised his eyebrows exaggeratedly to signal something to him.  That the game was over.  Perhaps he could allow Keith to win once.  He leaned against the doorjamb in his pale, frozen nudity and glanced back at the guitarist.

Keith Richards [userpic]
by Keith Richards (keeflepuff)
at April 27th, 2008 (01:14 pm)

Keith scrambled suddenly and shifted, turned, more or less crawled away from the dizzyingly distracted Mick until he sat a good five meters away near the cover of one of the sturdy oaks…though not behind it, thus defeating the purpose which Keith had never thought upon, anyhow. No, the only thing on his mind was…well, two things that more or less were one: winning, staying away from Mick for the remainder of this outdoor exercise.

The raw cold made its presence known again; Keith traced his fingertips along the slick icy path made perpendicular to his quivering chin down to the same path which continued down to his collarbone. It was like a miniature frozen river all down the length of his upper body. He would have laughed if he weren’t so cold. Instead, he wheezed a few icy gasps and vaguely smiled, turning his head so Mick wouldn’t see his vague amusement.