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sing this all together

1967;; swinging london - 2000 light years from home

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real person rpg


You have (perhaps unwittingly) stumbled across the livejournal containing the logs and accounts of a very special rpg. What you are about to witness isn't real, but may as well be, as it is how we (the players) envisioned how the swinging 60's actually went down through the many eyes of the biggest names in London.

This is a PRIVATE RPG but you may request any one of the players to join in assuming that...

+You are competent in your portrayl.
+You are a competent writer (correct grammar, spelling, vocabulary, etc).
+You will not make a post less than two meaningful sentences long.
+You will not post out of turn or double post.
+You will put any posts longer than 300 words behind an LJ cut.
+You will put any sexual, squicky, or otherwise questionable content behind an LJ cut; this is the 60's, copious amounts of sex, violence, and drugs are a reality.
+You will not control other people's characters; we have a great group of individuals so far, let's keep it that way.
+You will not disrespect any of the other members here; failure to comply will result in a warning.
+You will be banned from the game after two warnings; shit does not fly, here.

gorgeous stamp made by smittygirl!

First time players are welcome to join the experience so long as you can comply to the above rules; there will be no discrimination based on expeience, it's all about the heart! (Though we may require a writing sample or a reccomendation.)

Now. The way we do things here:

This journal is set up like a community. Each player will create a journal in the name of the person they are portraying; for instance, a person playing paulmccartney might create an ljusername "magicalmacca". That account will join the community, here!

The actual game will be played by posting an actual journal post response like one would normally do in a community. WE DO NOT ROLEPLAY THROUGH COMMENTS!

In the title of your post, you will post the username of the character your post is directed at. If your character is alone, specify this in the title bar.

Every so often, a mod will post a STORY THUS FAR post summarizing the events of the previous plot and then introduce a new twist, just so we can all stay organized.

And that's it! Have fun!

all graphics were created by crucifixation except where noted

Keith Richards;; keeflepuff
Mick Jagger;; micksarainbow
George Harrison;; taxmanharri
Marianne Faithfull;; broken_marianne
Ringo Starr;; ringothekid
Brian Jones;; bleachdsunjones
Anita Pallenberg;; diamondminds
Paul McCartney;; bluesuit_macca
John Lennon;; drwinstonboogie

all players may receive a personalized stamp here

the plot thus far;;
part 1+

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