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@ Mickers
by Paul McCartney (bluesuit_macca)
at July 31st, 2008 (01:51 pm)

Paul was in the middle of willing his situtation to go away (without much luck - still lying on his back, he kept his eyes squished shut in concentration, then looked back down towards his middle every 30 seconds or so) when the sudden noise of the door being pushed open with a creak snapped his attention up. The culprit was half way through uttering a hello when a loud sneeze interrupted the greeting, causing him to bend over slightly to wipe his nose.

"...Mick?" Paul hasitidly rolled over so the door frame was no longer upside down in his view - and of course distracting Mick's view from his pants -  and gave the Stones member a quizzical glance. He'd been frightened out of his dazed pot state, but his eyes still drooped down further than usual and his memory of why Mick was even there didn't seem to be working.