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Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at July 31st, 2008 (12:05 am)

Mick marched into the room, now resolute.  His mind free of clinging to Keith, he was free to do what he wanted at any old time.  And what he wanted to do was spend time with Paul.  He liked spending time with Paul.  He was easy to get on with.  None of the hang-ups of his own bandmates or the acerbic irreverence of John to bug him.

Mick took Paul's hand and started tugging him from the bed.  Through childishness, he was ignoring John.  Though it was Mick's own fault (and Keith's) for breaking up their coupling, he didn't want to really look at him.  Instead, he continuing pulling on Paul's hand with both of his--it was easy to fully clasp the bassist's hand in his own as Mick often bemoaned and berated his oversized appendages with their long fingers on a constant basis.

"Come on," he said. "We're havin' an adventure."

Mick's eyes traveled down to Paul's pants on their own volition and giggle bubbled up somewhere below his diaphragm, threatening to burst up and cause spasmodic laughter to come rippling from his mouth.

"Not that kind!" he promised.