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Mick Jagger [userpic]
by Mick Jagger (micksarainbow)
at July 31st, 2008 (10:10 am)

Mick stretched on Keith's rug, pinching pieces of fur between his fingers.  He was giddy and he hadn't even had hash yet.  Well, not recently.  Perhaps it was the growing delerium in his head already accumulated from the cold weather, sour chocolate and the remaining strains of acid and pot still thrashing around his system.

There was the possibility that he was finally thrilled that he didn't have to devote a large chunk of his mind to fighting for his best friend's attention.  He had captured it wholly and literally but didn't push it so far as to make Keith go running back to the despicable blondes.  Thus, his mind was free, free, free.

"Wonder how many wolves had t'die for Keith's rococo room," he said as he gathered clumps of the grey-white fur in his hands.

Mick spread his hands, palm up, over the fur and tilted his face up lightly.  It was relaxing in this room, he decided--animal death and all.